Thanksgiving Thoughts

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This Thanksgiving Day we give thanks to our Creator for His many blessings: the love of family and friends, the warmth and shelter of our homes as winter approaches, the plentiful food, turkey and all the trimmings on our tables, the companionships of our pets, the melodious sounds of music and the songs of birds, the beauty of the world that surrounds us, and the memories of those who once shared this day.

Wherever we gather—in our homes, community centers, military bases, nursing homes, or hospital rooms, we are thankful to be together again. We are warmed by the sight of loved ones’ smiling faces.

At the end of this day let us be thankful, too, for the freedoms we have in America. Let us always treat others with dignity and respect. Let us share our blessings with those in need. And, let us be people of peace, striving to bring peace to the world.

 –Bernadette R. Gentry