Support for Mangini

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I am writing to endorse Cynthia Mangini for the 7th State Senate election on November 8. She has served on the Enfield Town Council for 20 years. She is a local realtor and a religious education teacher, a member of Enfield Rotary and the Mt. Carmel society. She cares about our community and I know she will serve our district well.

Cynthia is dedicated to defending women’s health care reproductive rights. She views the right to choose as a cornerstone to a free society. Cindy believes in expanding our mental healthcare system to include all children across Connecticut.

I am confident that Cynthia will be dedicated to the people of Granby and the 7th District. She will advocate for ALL the residents in our communities, and she will reach across the aisle to get the job done! Please join me in voting for Cynthia Mangini on Nov. 8.

Dr. Frederick Moffa