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When I vote this November to send a representative for our 62nd District—Granby, New Hartford, Hartland, and Barkhamsted—to Hartford, I am really looking forward to voting for Kim Becker. I hope you will consider doing so, too, regardless of your traditional political affiliation. Here’s why.

• We have been represented by Republicans in Hartford for as long as I can remember, and the result is that we have had no real voice for small towns, like Granby, in the major decisions.

• Our current representative has proven time and again, through his votes, that he is there to promote his ideology, not the values of the people he represents. A prime example was that he was the only legislator in the Connecticut House or Senate to vote against legislation that provides equal treatment under the law to children born to same-sex couples (Connecticut Parentage Act).

• Kim Becker has been an active contributor to our community (the list is too long for this letter but is available on her website: in ways that directly tie to the things that matter most to me and most of the people I know in Granby: quality education, protection for agriculture and open space, and relieving the property tax burden. As to our property taxes and our ability to fund education, what happens in Hartford, in the State House, matters immensely; Kim understands this and will be a positive voice as a part of the majority.

I could wax eloquently on what a bright, energetic, competent, and refreshing representative Kim will be for us all, but others have already done so in many other endorsement letters. That matters to me, of course. But I am a pragmatist and here’s the reality about having a State Representative who can really represent us: we need someone who will be “in the room where it happens.” That means we need a Democrat; that means we need Kim Becker.

Jenny Emery

I write in emphatic support of Kim Becker and her candidacy to be our next State Representative.  As her spouse of almost 25 years, I cannot claim impartiality. However, I can offer a unique perspective on what makes Kim the right choice for our community. It comes down to engagement and impact.

The breadth of Kim’s engagement is impressive. You can find that on her campaign website. What sets her apart is the depth of her engagement. She strives to understand. She seeks to unite. She expands frontiers. She does this in her marriage to an unaffiliated, conservative-leaning, and practicing (CCD-teaching and pro-life) Catholic. More importantly, she has done this at every door she’s knocked on across the district.  Through listening and caring, she’s defining a path based on the issues we face together in rural Connecticut, not what is “blue” or “red.”

To me, the best example of Kim’s commitment to making an impact was with Valley Pre-School.  During her year as Board Chair, she noted that the documentation of processes and procedures was falling short of State expectations, an existential issue for the school. As our last child left VPS and her term ended, the work with the State was not done. Instead of handing the issue to the next chair, Kim stayed on the board in a newly defined Compliance Officer role. She transformed the relationship with State regulators, researched and documented the procedures to stay in compliance, and handed off a safer, more resilient program to the next decade of VPS staff and students.

An elder statesman of the Granby community, commenting on the return of the Gran-Bee and Kim’s ongoing tenure as Board Chair of the Granby Education Foundation, summed it up best: “I’m pleased to see what we’ve built is in such good hands.”

We have opportunity to upgrade our community’s representation in Hartford with her impactful advocacy. Please join me in supporting Kim on Nov. 8.

Chris Becker

I am writing to express my support for Kim Becker’s candidacy to represent the 62nd District in the Connecticut House of Representatives. As a Republican—and a fairly conservative one at that—some might be surprised to hear that I’m supporting the Democratic nominee to represent my district. They shouldn’t be. My support is not a rebuke of my party. Nor is it meant to be part of a larger conversation on the issues we face at the national level. Rather, my support for Kim’s candidacy is recognition of her extraordinary dedication to our community and her proven history as a pragmatic leader.

Whether it is working selflessly to end isolation among seniors, strengthening our schools through her work with the Granby Education Foundation, or her many other volunteer efforts, I have seen firsthand how hard Kim works to improve our community. Through her work, she has a well-deserved reputation for listening to community concerns and finding solutions. That kind of pragmatic leadership is what we need in Hartford, and that is why I support her to represent Connecticut’s 62nd District.

Rich Smith

We encourage people to vote for Kim Becker in the District 62 State Representative race. We have known Kim for several years and consider her earnest and sincere in her dealings with people. She would strive to represent all people in the district, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. She has been honest and forthright in her positions and has no need to rely on fear mongering or innuendo to further her positions on state issues. Please join us in voting for Kim.

Jack and Peggy Lareau