Support for Anderson

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Today’s times require residents of Connecticut to face a myriad of personal and social issues. In a very short time in office, Mark Anderson came to our assistance and introduced seven Senate Bills and 25 House Bills that would have a positive and direct impact on our daily lives and futures. Some of those presented in the Senate include: an act concerning the threshold for the imposition of the state income tax on farms; the cost of vehicle registration; and an act establishing a nonrefundable personal income tax credit for the purchase of a gun safe.

In the House some of the proposed Bills include: an act concerning the unemployment trust fund; a personal income tax deduction for premiums paid for long-term care and ABLE accounts; an act reducing the filing fee for annual reports filed by small businesses; an act exempting personal protective equipment and COVID-19 rapid tests from the sales and use taxes; an act concerning the qualifying income thresholds for certain personal income tax deductions for married individual filing jointly; an act concerning emergency intervention by a police officer when a person is incapacitated by a drug or due to a medical emergency; the inclusion of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders studies in public school curriculum; and an act concerning the transfer of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

His efforts in the legislature touch our daily lives by voting for laws that ensure a positive impact on our quality of life. 

Mark Anderson exemplifies a highly qualified legislator who listens to his constituents from the towns he serves as well as his fellow legislators by voting in support of several pieces of legislation that directly concern Granby residents: an act requiring a study of the obstacles to merging or consolidating municipal fire districts and fire departments; an act mitigating adverse tax consequences resulting from employees working remotely during COVID-19 and concerning the removal of liens on the property of public assistance beneficiaries and three-tiered grants in lieu of taxes; immunization requirements; quality of life for residents in Assisted Living facilities; creating an act concerning a workforce development pipeline for persons with disabilities; the creation of a task force to consider student loan indebtedness; and an act concerning social equity and the health, safety, and education of children are but a few. His list of accomplishments is long!

Today, more than ever we need a representative who already knows the legislative process, possesses the intelligence to draw upon his life-long personal and professional experiences, and who realizes the importance of providing timely responses to residents’ questions and concerns. At this juncture in my life, time is of the essence! Mark Anderson for Representative of the 62 District has earned my vote.

Maureen Eberly

I am writing to express my support for Mark Anderson. One of the most valuable traits that Mark possesses is his ability to ALWAYS respond to his constituents. I have contacted Mark several times, initially by email, and he has always responded within 24 hours. He even encouraged me to call him and gave me his phone number so that we could have a more in-depth conversation. Since then, we have had quite a few conversations! He asks great questions, actively listens, and wants to learn more about YOUR personal situation. He also offers to get back to you with solutions and ideas and guess what… he actually will get back to you!

Mark is down to earth and approachable. He cares about our community and the people in it. I have run into him throughout Granby at local BOE meetings and most recently, at Open Farm Day. Please join me in voting for Mark Anderson.

Heather Guglielmone

We are writing to voice our support for the re-election of Mark Anderson for State Representative in the 62nd House District. Two years ago, we endorsed his candidacy for State Representative and Mark has more than lived up to our expectations.

Mark has years of experience working in a large organization—the U.S. Army—with many of the same challenges that one finds in government service. In addition, Mark brings compassion and conservative values as he exercises his legislative responsibilities and interacts with his constituents.

Whether delivering the Memorial Day speech in Granby, visiting with citizens displaced by a fire in New Hartford, or supporting children’s mental health legislation, we can count on Mark to do right by the citizens of Granby, New Hartford, Barkhamsted and Hartland.

A vote for Mark this November will ensure that we have a proven leader representing us as our state faces the challenges of inflation and the economic uncertainties brought on by events beyond our control.

Rich and Mary Zlotnick