2022 Trendy Talk 2

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This narrative is unlike the usual Drummer article which imparts information and meaning. Using amalgams of words and of expressions in current use, the narrative is meant to amuse. Let’s dive into it and get into the weeds.

He was a hot mess. They went through a rough patch and she pushed him under the bus. She blew up her phone telling her village. He had thought she had his back but she turned out to be a Debbie Downer. Friends told him she was playing him, suggested he give it a beat and walk it back since that’s the way she rolls. And just like that, he went in a different direction. And that relationship was in the books.

Full disclosure: That moment when I had the crash, I experienced mindfulness like never before. I was chill and had a positive energy even though I would have liked a do-over. I’d been all in to go clamping, but now, my passenger said, “good luck with that; it isn’t happening”. Really? That’s harsh.

We were looking to eat at one of those locally sourced, farm to table places that were trending. But it’s not that binary: There in front of us was a bottle of chain store ketchup, complete with inorganic toxins. Seriously? I don’t love it. But the meal was dope and the vibe was chill and well played. We gave them a shout out because they had totally nailed it.

We were meeting up with our go to peeps who were all influencers on social media. They were the drivers of a well-played hack that went viral. We were there for team building that would inform our next steps and grow the business. We went all in and pushed a new perimeter. I was tracking with their POV when they went down a rabbit hole. They were overthinking it and it went sideways. They were scrubbing their granular database and I was rocking a migraine. Is that how you’re going to play this? The takeaway? This is sketchy and I’m so over it.

I’m going to play corn hole.