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May 4, 2022

Present: Kristina Gilton, Monica Logan, Donna Nolan, David Peling, Whitney Sanzo, Sarah Thrall, and Rosemarie Weber, Student Representatives Tess Bajek and Jacob Scotto

Superintendent’s Announcements

Our new Family Engagement Specialist, Bethany Grupp, starts next week working with Open Choice students and their families. Grupp is a Granby Memorial High School graduate.

CABE Student Leadership Awards

The board welcomed CABE Student Leader Award recipients Jalisa Matthews and Zainab Zafar, Grade 8 students at Granby Memorial Middle School, as well as Junior Tess Bajek, and Maeve Dingley, Senior, at Granby Memorial High School. Thrall cited the criteria for this award is possessing leadership skills including: willingness to take on challenges, capability to make difficult decisions, concern for others, ability to work with others, willingness to commit to a project, diplomacy, ability to understand issues clearly, and the ability to honor a commitment. Thrall read each student’s bio and said she is happy to have these students attend Granby Public Schools.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report

Jennifer Parsons provided the Assistant Superintendent’s office update, saying it has been great to be out in the schools celebrating how far everyone has come this year. Coming into May it’s full steam ahead with planning for the 2022-2023 school year. Regarding equity work, we met with Partners for Educational Leadership and the Administrative Council and talked about three levels of data: summative, formative, and anecdotal and how to use this data going forward. Additionally, we met with the Greater Schools Partnership (GSP) team, working with school level teams, and what are our professional learning times during the school day and how to use those to the maximum effect going forward. Whitney Sanzo asked when we could expect test results to come back. Parsons said the state testing window must close completely before results are released. However, individual SAT results are starting to come in. Parents will receive results in the fall for SBAC, and the district report from the state should be received in mid-June.

Student Representative Reports

 A few Robotics students will be going to Worlds in Dallas.

2022-2023 International Field Trips

The board considered 2022-2023 International field trips. Peling asked about trip destinations and Grossman shared that they are Quebec City and Costa Rica. He also shared that hopefully the foreign exchange trips will return for the 2023-2024 school year.

Continuous Improvement Plan

Update for GMHS

Michael Dunn, principal, provided an update on the Continuous Improvement Plan and shared exciting news that GMHS was ranked 21 of 200 schools across the state. For details on the Continuous Improvement Plan, please refer to minutes published at

Town of Granby Strategic Plan

The board continued to discuss the BOE Goals for the Town of Granby Strategic Plan. Grossman said there are two goals—one regarding large capital projects and another regarding communication. The board voted unanimously to approve.

Policy Reviews

Second Reading and Approval of Revised Policy 5113 – Attendance-Excuses-Dismissal

The Curriculum/Policy/Technology Subcommittee recommended the revised policy for a second reading and approval. Peling stated there were no comments received on this policy or any of the other policies presented this evening. The board voted unanimously to approve.

Second Reading and Approval of Revised Policy 5113.2 – Truancy

The Curriculum/Policy/Technology recommended the revised policy. The board voted unanimously to approve.

Second Reading and Approval of Revised Policy 5141 – Student Health Services

The Curriculum/Policy/Technology Subcommittee recommended the revised policy. The board voted unanimously to approve.

Second Reading and Approval of Revised Policy 6146 – Graduation Requirements

The Curriculum/Policy/Technology Subcommittee recommended the revised policy for a second reading and approval. The board voted unanimously to approve.

Approval of Healthy Food

Certification 2022-2023

The board discussed and considered the approval of the Healthy Food Certification for the 2022-23 school year. A motion was made that pursuant to C.G.S. Section 10-215f, the board of education or governing authority certifies that all food items offered for sale to students in the schools under its jurisdiction, and not exempted from the Connecticut Nutrition Standards published by the Connecticut State Department of Education, will comply with the Connecticut Nutrition Standards during the period of July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. This certification shall include all food offered for sale to students separately from reimbursable meals at all times and from all sources, including but not limited to school stores, vending machines, school cafeterias, culinary programs, and any fundraising activities on school premises sponsored by the school or non-school organizations and groups. This motion passed unanimously.

Approval of Healthy Food Certification – Exemption of Food and Beverages

The Board discussed and considered the approval of the Healthy Food Certification Exemption of Food and Beverages. A motion was made that the board of education or governing authority will allow the sale to students of food items that do not meet the Connecticut Nutrition Standards and beverages not listed in Section 10-221q of the Connecticut General Statutes provided that the following conditions are met: 1) the sale is in connection with an event occurring after the end of the regular school day or on the weekend; 2) the sale is at the location of the event; and 3) the food and beverage items are not sold from a vending machine or school store.

An “event” is an occurrence that involves more than a regularly scheduled practice, meeting, or extracurricular activity. For example, soccer games, school plays, and interscholastic debates are events but soccer practices, play rehearsals, and debate team meetings are not. The “regular school day” is the period from midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the official school day. “Location” means where the event is being held and must be the same place as the food sales. This motion passed unanimously.

Superintendent’s Annual Report

Grossman presented his Annual Report to the Board for the 2021-2022 school year.

Student Learning and Achievement highlights included: the implementation of new data driven decision making processes across the district; alignment of PSATs in grades 8-11; drilling down and getting interventions to students in need as well as students who are excelling; focus on student learning and achievement; examining the continuum of special education services to our students; teachers and school-based teams spending time reviewing curriculum and adjusting instructional planning; addition of tutors at GMMS; learning walks including Board members and students; and the adoption of a Vision of a Graduate during a pandemic in September 2021.

Community Engagement highlights included working with the Granby community on the implementation of the Granby Public Schools Moving Forward Together Strategic Plan; working collaboratively with the Town Manager; and regular communication with the BOE and community;

Safety and Social Emotional Well-Being highlights included opening our school doors last year and this year and never shutting down; transitioning out of a mask-only environment to a mask-optional environment; and a new Granby Public Schools Emergency Operations Plan was submitted and approved by the state.

Budget Development and Fiscal Management highlights included charging a committee made up of parents, teachers, administrators, and Board members to make recommendations for possible alternative programming in the 2023-2024 school year; securing a $100,000 grant by the Granby Education Foundation for a new video production studio; and working with the Business Manager and BOE Finance Subcommittee to extend our current bus contract.

Embracing Diversity highlights included implementing the Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism Plan; a collaborative relationship with the Granby Race Reconciliation Group; appointing our Teacher in Residency Program candidate Mr. Freedman to a full-time position next year and receiving another candidate at Kelly Lane next year; and partnering with St. Joseph’s College to speak to our students about a career in education.

Professional Learning highlights included onboarding a new Director of Pupil Services,  continuing to empower second year Principal of Granby Memorial Middle School, second year Assistant Principal of Granby Memorial Middle School, second year Principal of Kelly Lane Primary School, and second year Assistant Superintendent of Schools; leading an Early Childhood State Committee to look at the future of early childhood education; participating in an Early Career Advanced Leadership Program; and serving as the Chair this year on the State of CT Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity meetings.

Executive Session

A motion was made to enter into an Executive Session to discuss the Superintendent’s evaluation. This motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Nolan, Board Secretary