Spring migration is underway!

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Twenty GLT members joined John Weeks and Christine Chinni for a Spring Migration Bird Walk on the GLT’s Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve. Weeks, who has been running bird walks for the GLT since 2005, has identified 142 species of bird on the property. Photo by Rick Orluk

Granby Land Trust Board Member John Weeks and his wife, Christine Chinni, led bird walks on six consecutive days in the GLT’s Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve in early May—some for the Land Trust, and some for other organizations, including the Hartford Audubon Society.

Weeks has been running these annual bird walks for the Granby Land Trust since 2005. GLT so appreciates all the time he and Chinni dedicate to the Land Trust, running these kinds of events and sharing their extensive birding expertise.

To date, Weeks and Chinni have identified 142 bird species on the Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve. To see a list, visit granbylandtrust.org and go to the Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve page. Copies are available in the property’s trailhead kiosk as well. To see photos of some of these amazing birds, follow the Granby Land Trust on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you to GLT members, including Don Shaw, who submit incredible photos for publication there.

The rich diversity of birds on the Dismal Brook Wildlife Preserve is, of course, made possible by longtime GLT Member Jamie Gamble. Gamble donated this land to the Granby Land Trust, protecting it from development forever. GLT is forever grateful to him for this incredible gift. The Granby Land Trust is indeed fortunate to have so many wonderful supporters at every level.