Due Process and Civility Lost

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I enjoyed a conversation recently on abortion, euthanasia and even “pulling the plug” on parents with someone who does not hold to my beliefs. We both agreed that the “art of conversation”, despite differences, has been lost considering the January 6 insurrection and the protests at Supreme Court Justices homes.  All sides and the media are guilty of bullying instead of acting with civility upon consciences in ethical dilemmas. 

The inflicting of fear, either in person or vented on Facebook, has silenced common sense sharing of differing views on privacy rights and murder. This, sadly, is not free speech but a sign of the loss of well-being in our culture. It takes effort and patience for healthy conversations as well as to exercise a conscience. Avoidance or “light” politically correct talk is not part of the art of conversation — civility is.  It’s time for us to be patient and wait on “due process” in law and in civility in conversation. Without both, we will continue to dwell in the land of “civility lost.”

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