CTVV interviews U.S. Senate candidate 

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Robert Hyde, submitted photo

CT Valley Views recently interviewed Robert Hyde, a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The 2022 Republican Convention at Foxwoods Casino on May 6 and 7 produced three candidates who move on to the U.S. Senate primary with over 15 percent of the delegate votes: Peter Lamaj, Leora Levy and the endorsed candidate, Themis Klarides. Hyde did not make the 15 percent and is now taking the alternative route to the primary in August, which is to achieve 9,081 registered Republicans’ signatures. In fact, it is recommended to garner something over 10,000 signatures in the event some are not accepted by the respective town Republican registrars due to a technical or filing error.

Hyde, a conservative, has honorably served his country as a Marine. His website is hydeforsenate.com and you can reach him through email:  hydeforsenate@gmail.com

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