Affordable Housing

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Appearing on the first page of the March 2022 edition of the Drummer was an article entitled: Granby answers state call for Affordable Housing Plans. The name(s) of the author(s) are missing. The article leads readers to believe that the main emphasis of this piece will help residents understand what may lie ahead for affordable housing options in Granby. Many of us know that a special committee met, held meetings for the public, and finally produced a DRAFT dated February 2022.

What I find concerning, aside from this article failing to identify the writer(s), was that much of the story appeared to focus on the initiatives of Granby Racial Reconciliation (, Courageous Conversations on Race in the Park series and a description of another program offered by Desegregate Connecticut and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. Featured speaker was Sara Bronin who “shared a video from that helps explain the circumstances under which many American communities became segregated.”

My suggestion to the writer(s) moving forward: write a separate article that informs readers about GRR and their events. Linking this group’s past programs to the Affordable Housing Plan shows a particular bias that’s unwarranted; Granby is an inclusive, diverse and welcoming town.

Maureen Eberly

Editor’s note: The article was submitted by the Granby Racial Reconciliation committee. As with most articles written by a committee, i.e., with multiple contributors, it was printed without a byline. The content was reviewed with the Affordable Housing Plan committee prior to submission.