She keeps the Holcomb Farm Store looking spiffy!

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Melody Smith, smiling face of the Holcomb Farm Store. Photo by Shirley Murtha

Raised in Ellington and a recent transplant to West Granby, Melody Smith found herself at Holcomb Farm looking for fresh organic vegetables. Although she had a degree from St. Joseph College in nutrition and dietetic sciences, she found the clinical setting in which to pursue that type of career a bit stifling. Smith’s frequent trips to Holcomb Farm made her realize that agriculture was a much better fit and she soon was hired to help in the store.

Melody occasionally helps in the field, or with prepping the veggies for the bins in the store, but her main job has been to greet CSA participants and other patrons and to make sure that everything looks neat and inviting. Her cheerful demeanor and big smile have been noticed by many, as has her helpfulness when patrons have questions or are checking out.

The store is now closed for the season as the summer storms wiped out any chance of having the usual widely popular winter shares, so Melody will spend her time teaching yoga and helping behind the scenes at the Farm when necessary. You might even see her at some of the pop-up sales that will be taking place during the holiday seasons.

If the name Melody Smith rings a bell with you, it may be that you remember reading her name here in the Drummer as the first Granby woman to cross the finish line in this year’s Granby Road Race. She is affectionately referred to as “the fastest woman in Granby” by her boss, Farmer Joe O’Grady. Yup, she is a runner, and engaged to Josh Welch, the manager of the Fleet Feet shoe store in West Hartford.