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OCTOBER 18, 2021

Present: B. Scott Kuhnly, Sally King, Glenn Ballard, Mark Neumann, Edward Ohannessian and Town Manager Erica Robertson


The board voted (5-0-0) to approve the minutes of the Oct. 4 meeting as presented.


Resignations and Appointments to be considered

The board voted (5-0-0) to approve the appointment of Mark Neumann to the Affordable Housing Plan Committee.

The board voted (5-0-0) to approve the appointment of Erica Robertson to the board of the Farmington Valley Health District.

Holcomb Farm Update

Bob Bystrowski, president of the Friends of Holcomb Farm, shared the history of the farm, the mission of the Friends of Holcomb Farm, and this year’s accomplishments in the areas of farming, Fresh Access, stewardship and grants as well as plans for next year.

Kearns School Presentation

Mike Goman of Goman+York Property Advisors presented an overview of the impact of COVID-19 on the commercial real estate market as well as an update on the property. Advice for municipalities in the market includes: be proactive, revise permitting and zoning criteria, utilize incentives and focus on creating tax revenue. Granby’s small market, commuting distance and proximity to a major interstate make the Kearns property undesirable for retail.

Town Manager Report

Robertson reported on the budget operations for September 2021. All accounts are on track and the tax collection rate is on target. Revenue items to note include PILOT funds of $11,460 for state-owned property, which was more than expected due to the state’s change to a tiered program. The Miscellaneous account also includes $32,000 of profit distribution from CIRMA. The OPEB transfer will be completed in November.

First Selectman Report

Kuhnly announced that the Department of Transportation Center Project is set to begin Nov. 15. Motorists are encouraged to seek alternate routes.
This being the final meeting of his term, Kuhnly said that he was honored to serve the Town of Granby and thanked the community and members of the board for their support over the past eight years.

Selectman Reports

Ohannessian, also not seeking reelection, thanked the citizens of Granby for their confidence in him over the past 16 years, eight on the Board of Education and eight as a Selectman. He shared that it was a difficult decision not to run again and hopes that the new officials will continue to keep his vision of doing what is best for Granby now and in the future.

Executive Session

Kuhnly called the Executive Session of the Board of Selectmen to order at 8:40 p.m.

Present: B. Scott Kuhnly, Sally King, Glenn Ballard, Mark Neumann, Edward Ohannessian, Erica Robertson, Abigail Kenyon, Mike Goman and Andy DiFatta. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the consideration of a real estate transaction.

Respectfully submitted,

Erica P. Robertson, Town Manager