Art for Rent!

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Alex Anisimov shows one of his modern style paintings.

A traditional floral painting by Anisimov. Photos by Shirley Murtha

Alex Anisimov has a solution to the problem so many of us have. We love art, but new works are expensive, and we don’t really have any more room for them anyway. Anisimov has created a new way for locals to solve this problem: pick a spot where you are willing to rotate your art and rent one of his paintings.

Anisimov, a member of the Granby Artists Association, runs the Granby Art Gallery at 2 Park Place in Granby Center. He considers the small gallery a museum of sorts for his oils and drawings. He creates works of various styles and sizes, often using unique framing material. If you visit there and see something you love but can’t afford, you can work out a plan with Anisimov to rent one of his works of art (for as little as $1 a day) for a given length of time. When you are in the mood for something different, you return the piece and select something else.

Anisimov believes in the freedom and flexibility of decorating and feels his plan could be a big help to many households. Contact him by texting or calling 860-436-8599, email at or visit