Thanksgiving Thoughts

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We thank our Heavenly Father for all who gather around this Thanksgiving table today and for the plentiful food He provided. For, whether we are together in person or virtually, our hearts are united.

The weather turns colder, and we are grateful for the warmth of our homes and mindful of those without shelter or adequate food.

As we share our meal, we talk about all that has happened over the past year, of our future plans, and hopes for the ending of the pandemic. We remember those who once shared this day and are enriched by their memory and times spent with them.

There’s an abundance of food from turkey, sweet, baked, or mashed potatoes, winter squash, cranberry sauce, the traditional green bean casserole, and everyone’s favorite pies. After, there’s football to watch or a walk to take.

There are many Blessings in our lives, but the greatest is being together, in person or in spirit. For, family and friends give life true meaning.

Bernadette R. Gentry