Support for Tsaptsinos

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I will be voting for James Tsaptsinos for the Board of Finance. I have known James and his family for several years. He has a strong sense of community and a solid background in finance. We need good business leaders in town positions — we are lucky to have such talent in Granby. Personally, he is always ready to lend a helping hand. He volunteers coaching duties for his son’s soccer team. He is a good friend. I trust he will represent our needs while keeping finances in balance. To be trustworthy, you must first be honest, competent and reliable; James embodies all of these values. We are all in this together and at the end of that day, we need more people like James Tsaptsinos working for us.

Nick Dethlefsen

We urge Granby voters to cast their ballots for James Tsaptsinos under Board of Finance on Nov. 2.

Not only is James a well-respected member of our community, he has represented every resident in a bipartisan fashion that is much too uncommon nowadays. As a current member of the Board of Finance, James has often posted about budget workshops, agendas, and ways for residents to make their voices heard! He values public input and feedback to make the decisions that Granby residents want.

James believes in fiscal responsibility and keeping our taxes low while focusing on quality-of-life issues that make Granby a desirable place to live. Vote Tsaptsinos on Nov. 2.

Sarah Floroski and Seth Nielsen

Granby residents who wish to hold the line on property taxes while continuing to invest in Granby schools and town infrastructure should look at the remarkable two-year record of BOF candidate James Tsaptsinos. Why? Past performance is not a guarantee of future results but it is the best indicator we have of future performance.

So what results were achieved in the first two years of the Tsaptsinos era that benefit Granby residents?

1. Your house taxes remained the same amount while the value of your home has increased substantially.

2. Granby invested more money in its schools in each of those years.

3. Granby invested more money in the town, infrastructure and our quality of life in each of those years.

4. Granby’s grand list grew, as did the tax revenue collected because of that growth.

My wife and I have been in Granby 15 years, and we never had a flat mill rate budget. The BOF accomplished this while growing the total budget spend. I was curious and did some research and could not find any evidence Granby ever had a flat mill rate budget in its history.

Let’s look at some key numbers during the two years of the Tsaptsinos era:

1.Total budget spend and increased investment in Granby up 1.83 percent ($900,000) Fiscal Year 2021

2. Total budget spend and increased investment in Granby up 2.29 percent (1.1M) in Fiscal Year 2022

3. Zero property tax increase in 2021

4. Zero property tax increase in 2022

5. Budget reserve of 22 percent in Fiscal Year 2021

6. Budget reserve of 16 percent in Fiscal Year 2022.

7. Annual grand list growth projection of 1.4 percent

Here’s the important takeaway. The same gross numbers for revenue and expenses could have yielded a property tax increase per usual if James was not on the BOF. In fact, we should assume it would have resulted in a property tax increase without James’ leadership and that of our BOF Chairman because Granby has never had a flat mill rate budget in its history.

The only way any government board holds the line on property tax increases while increasing investment in its community is by making it a goal, hitting the numbers and following through on the promise by force of will and character. James has publicly stated his personal goal if elected to represent us is to budget to a flat mill rate while continuing to increase the total budget spend and our investment in Granby. This means if he and the rest of the BOF and BOS are successful, your mill rate will remain the same and your house taxes will not rise for the fourth year in a row.

James has earned our vote and should be rewarded for the work he’s done and for the work he has promised to do on our behalf if re-elected.

Bill Glueck

It is with enthusiasm that I offer my full support of James Tsaptsinos to continue serving on our Board of Finance. Over the years that he and his family have called Granby home, James has consistently found numerous ways (and energy) to be an active and positive driving contributor to our great little town.

As a member of the Granby Board of Finance, James has demonstrated his knowledge, experience and passion to help keep Granby’s fiscal house in check. James fully understands that a solid and responsible fiscal approach is the basis that can allow solving modern challenges while yet maintaining our unique and undefinable Granby charm.

Brian Laird

As residents of Granby for the past 47 years, we endorse James Tsaptsinos for reelection to the Granby Board of Finance.

When a vacancy occurred on the BOF, James enthusiastically accepted the challenge. He has proven to be a valued team member for the BOF.

Granby’s Board of Finance needs a candidate who is competent and will ensure the finances of Granby are well planned, maintained, evaluated, and properly expended.

He is an attentive listener, and is very approachable to the views of all residents.

If you want a fiscally conservative candidate, reelect James Tsaptsinos to the Board of Finance.

Sam and Rebecca Mikus