Support for Rome

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I ask the voters in Granby to support Kelly Rome in the upcoming election as she seeks a seat on the Board of Selectmen. A Granby native who knows and understands the town well, she has both solid work experience and a proven track record on the Board of Finance that will serve Granby well in the capacity as a selectman. Having served on Finance for nearly a decade, she understands the complexities of managing a small town as it balances needs and their cost as we move into the future.

I would also ask that voters support the re-election of both James Tsaptsinos and Al Wilke to the Board of Finance. Those serving on the BOF have been instrumental in helping balance the needs of our community with the cost of doing so, and particularly, working to maintain the same mill rate for the third year. Their work experience and volunteer service to the town provide them with a strong background and understanding of what it takes to manage the fiscal affairs of a small town in Connecticut.

Granby will be well served with their election next week.

Mike Guarco, Chair BOF