Support for Logan

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This note is to support Monica Logan for the Granby Board of Education. I have known Monica since shortly after we both moved to Granby six years ago, and am excited at the possibility of having someone as knowledgeable, dedicated, creative and empathetic as she is to serve our town and the future of Granby on our Board of Education.

As the parent of two young children, Monica understands the concerns that other working parents in Granby face every day—maintaining a strong educational core where our kids can learn in a safe and nurturing environment. She also has a deep appreciation for our teachers and understands the challenges our town faces with maintaining a strong educational foundation and avoiding the turnover that can undo all the progress our town has made in improving our academic standing.

Monica has dedicated her time to serving our town on the Development Commission, the Granby Racial Reconciliation Group, and the Democratic Town Committee. I have been honored to serve alongside her on the Development Commission, where I saw firsthand her willingness to listen with the intent to understand rather than just listening to respond. She also has presented an ability to think outside the box in terms of creative solutions that can better our town for all. Finally, she is someone who is always happy to work with others to find common ground and the best path forward. All of these qualities are crucial in one of the key responsibilities of the board – maintaining the quality of our schools while also minimizing the tax burden on our residents.

Monica represents all we can ask for in our elected officials—work ethic, collaboration, organization, intelligence, and perhaps most importantly for a public servant, a willingness to put the needs of her community over the needs of herself. I strongly recommend that anyone who desires those characteristics in a member of the town’s Board of Education to vote for Monica Logan on Nov. 2.

Matt Brady

This Nov. 2, Granby voters get to cast their ballot on several municipal seats across our town government. While the issues our new leaders will tackle are local, today’s global challenges and divisive culture make governing more complex. It’s imperative we lean into leaders who won’t allow misinformation and division to permeate a small community like ours and will seek out ways to engage in meaningful dialog with patience, empathy, and intelligence. My friend Monica Logan is running for Board of Education. Through her professional and volunteer work, I have witnessed these crucial leadership qualities time and time again.

Monica is driven by facts, transparency and prioritizes the sharing of information necessary for folks to make thoughtful decisions for their family and community.  Where I believe our community benefits most from Monica is her willingness and level-headed ability to engage and find common ground with those who have differing views or perspectives. Even when challenged with tension and aggression, I have observed Monica offer her phone number, or a time and place to meet and discuss—and follow through. As Monica’s friend I will share—she could be having a terrible week, but still makes it a point to ask how you’re doing—and genuinely wants to know.

These are the qualities we should insist on in our children’s school’s Board of Education. They are the standards we should all strive for in choosing our local leadership.  Please consider Monica Logan for Board of Education—information, transparency, empathy…and yes, kindness.

Heather Lombardo