Support for Lofink

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I have known Jim Lofink for over eight years, and have worked with him in a number of different capacities. I know from personal experience that whenever Jim decides to take on a commitment, he gives 100 percent of his energy, effort, and focus to the task at hand. In addition, Jim has always put the best interests of the Town of Granby first in all of his work for the Town—as an elected official, an appointed official, or a volunteer—and will continue to do so.

When he serves on the Board of Finance, Jim’s long and varied experience in the world of business will provide the Town with great insight and expertise for handling the difficult financial issues the Board faces each year.

Jim Lofink will be an excellent member of the Board of Finance.

Christine Chinni

I encourage my fellow Granby residents to vote for Jim Lofink for the Board of Finance. I have known Jim since he and his family moved to Granby 15 years ago.  Jim has always impressed me with his selfless service to the Granby Community. Jim has been a calming voice especially at times when our community has most needed it. He listens intently to all sides of an issue and moves forward with the community’s best interests at heart. 

My endorsement is not based on partisanship. Rather, it is borne of my firm belief that Jim will work with his neighbors on both sides of the aisle. His record demonstrates that, and Granby deserves that manner of service from its public officials.

John Laudati

Jim Lofink is an outstanding candidate for election to the Granby Board of Finance. His career in the business world gives him the tools to analyze the Town’s budget conundrums with clear eyes and a cool head. However, Jim is far from being only a “numbers cruncher.” His love for, and detailed knowledge of, this unique town shine through in his record as a former Selectman, a member of the board of directors of Holcomb Farm, and the chronicler of the town’s public affairs in his column Town Talk for the Drummer. I can think of no one better qualified to serve on the Board of Finance and heartily endorse his candidacy.

John Weeks