Support for King

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I write to encourage all Granby voters to support Sally King for the Board of Selectmen on Election Day, Nov. 2.

Sally has served with distinction on the Board for some 28 years. During that remarkable tenure, Sally has consistently enjoyed the respect of her Board colleagues on both sides of the aisle, as evidenced by her selection as Vice Chair throughout those 28 years. In these challenging times, such a demonstrated capability to effectively communicate with persons of all views is both unique and essential.

Sally’s qualifications include her status as an attorney and her legal experience as a former partner with the prominent Hartford law firm of Robinson and Cole. Among her other Granby activities, Sally served on the Granby Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, the Granby Juvenile Review Board and the Granby Horse Council.

Sally’s service has been marked by a dedication to maintaining the best sense of a New England small town. Her commitment to open space, farm land and the natural beauty of the Town’s overall landscape has been matched by her commitment to excellence in education.

Finally, support for Sally’s candidacy at this time is particularly important as the Town’s leadership undergoes substantial change. We have a new Town Manager and, because three of the five members of the Board are not standing for re-election, we will shortly have a majority of new faces on the Board of Selectmen itself. Sally’s grasp of both our Town’s history and its established future goals will prove invaluable.

Francis J. Brady