Support for Eastwood

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We are writing in support of Val Eastwood, candidate for First Selectwoman. We have been friends with Val for some time. In fact, we had the opportunity to help her with the care of her mother while she was under hospice care at Val’s home earlier this year.

Val is a passionate advocate for access to healthcare, and has worked as a healthcare attorney for 30 years, for Federal health care programs and in private practice. Val will be the same strong advocate for the people of Granby. Her leadership skills, particularly in mediation and conflict resolution will be extremely useful on our town BOS.

Val knows that we need more transparency from our BOS, more support for community input, and greater cooperation among BOS members. Granby needs a leader who can bring our BOS members together for the good of our town. Granby needs Val Eastwood as First Selectwoman!

Kathy Rollins and Erinn Ryan

As someone who has concerns about issues of poverty, racism and social and economic inequality as well as a proponent of dialogue to resolve differences, I want to express my strong support for a proven and thoughtful leader on these issues, Val Eastwood, for First Selectwoman here in Granby. 

Val has shown her commitment to justice issues, such as access to healthcare, many times. She has been active in local groups that work against cuts in Medicaid funding for the poor among us and has donated her time as a healthcare attorney to work for people who have been denied access to necessary healthcare. Prior to COVID, she volunteered in Connecticut prisons as a participant and trainer in the Alternatives to Violence project, which introduces incarcerated individuals to conflict resolution through nonviolent methods. She has also been active in the interdenominational faith community and takes an active role in her church. Val is a pastor’s wife, and she applies her considerable communication, mediation and social skills to that work as well!

As our present First Selectman is not running for another term, the dynamics of the board will be changing. At this time, Granby needs a strong, compassionate and values-driven leader who will work collaboratively with every board member and our town staff and who will consider the interests and opinions of our entire community. I urge you to vote for Val Eastwood for First Selectwoman. 

Mike Smoolca