Support for Tsaptsinos

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I have known James Tsaptsinos since he moved to Granby nine years ago. He is a great neighbor and he is a person that contributes to the community. His experience and background will make him an excellent member of the Board of Finance.

Dean Blair

We live in a community with many needs from our youngest residents to our senior citizens, which is why we are casting our votes for James Tsaptsinos for the Board of Finance, and we encourage you to do the same on Nov. 2. 

In the private sector, James is a Vice President of Global Sales with real world experience managing budgets, people, and a history of exceeding his sales goals. In the public sector, James is currently serving as an elected member of the Granby Board of Finance. He has successfully helped balance our communities wants and needs with fiscal prudence and the proof is in the pudding—0 percent tax increase since he took office two years ago. Prior to joining the Board of Finance, he served as a Granby Recreational Services Board member. 

Have you attended a comedy night at Holcomb Farm or movie night at Salmon Brook Park? James was an active leader planning these successful community events from A to Z. We encourage you to review James’ unmatched professional record and history of volunteerism in our community when making your decision on Nov. 2. Our town is lucky to have James and his family as active members of our community and we are blessed to call him a friend.

Chester and Heidi Darling

I am writing in support of my friend, James Tsaptsinos, in his continued position on the Board of Finance. James and his family have been Granby residents for many years and in that time, he has been a contributing member of the community. He has consistently volunteered time to Granby both civically on town boards and in recreational activities that include a past position on the Parks and Recreation Board, as well as youth sports coach. 

In his profession, he is accountable for planning and finance, which are valuable skills for involvement in a community seeking volunteers to guide town management. He has embodied Granby’s Republican Town Committee promise by being a neighbor helping neighbors. On the Board of Finance, James takes the time to hear residents’ concerns and suggestions while ensuring the Board of Selectmen and Board of Education’s needs were met while driving for zero percent tax increase for the past two years. His open approach to feedback from residents is key to making sure all voices are heard regardless of political party.

Personally, James has helped me become more engaged in town politics  as he is always open to explain the many issues facing our town and discussing the decision-making processes. James’s dedication to our town’s residents while being fiscally responsible is the exact reason why he deserves your vote on Nov. 2.

Kevin Hobson

I am writing this letter in support of James Tsaptsinos’ candidacy for Board of Finance with a wholehearted belief that he is the best candidate for the position. In the many years that I have known James, I have known him to be one of the most trustworthy people I know who always has the good of others in mind before his; he is truly selfless. 

James has always been observed to value the sense of community and to looking for ways to strengthen that bond for the collective good. As a professional leader myself, there are key core skills I would look for in a person or candidate. Some of those skills include honesty, integrity, confidence and most important of all, kindness. I am proud to say James genuinely exhibits all the above while being a visionary, strategic thinker, analytic driver, and great communicator.

Examples of James’ contributions to the community are abundant around town. All you have to do is look. A key component today’s leaders need is putting what’s best for the community ahead of their own personal interests. Another layer to this is being open to hear what the community has to say as well as educating the community on what they may not know. I can personally attest James has always put any political differences aside and looked for ways to do what’s right and in the best interest of the people. I have learned from James as he has from me due to his dynamic people person personality. I am absolutely confident, knowing how successful James is in his professional career, that the same success will be a result for our town with James on the Board of Finance.

With proud enthusiasm I support James and hope for his success which in turn will be our success.

Ali Zafar