Support for Logan

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I encourage everyone to vote for Monica Logan for the Granby Board of Education. Monica is committed to listening to all community members and is dedicated to ensuring that the Board of Education discussions and decisions are more open.

Monica is informed and passionate. She knows that while high academic standards benefit all students, there is no one size fits all for learning, and that our schools must nurture each student in order for all students to reach their highest potential. She will advocate for excellence in academics that are inclusive and supportive for everyone in our school community.

Our teachers are essential to the academic achievement and success of our students. They are also the adults that spend the most time with our children outside the home. Monica will make sure our teachers feel valued and supported.

As a working parent, Monica’s role as an attorney and her role as the mother of two young boys in the school system means she is deeply invested in keeping our schools open and our students safe.

Monica has demonstrated her commitment, strong work ethic, and openness to difficult conversations through her community volunteer activities. She serves on the Economic Development Commission and Granby Racial Reconciliation. In these roles she listens carefully to others and collaborates to address difficult challenges.

Monica is a champion for our schools and our children. She will listen to students, teachers, parents, and the community to make our great schools even better. I strongly encourage you to vote for Monica Logan on Nov. 2.

Valorie Hollister

I’m writing in support of Monica Logan’s candidacy for a seat on the Granby Board of Education. 

Monica is an active and committed citizen of Granby having served as chair and currently, as vice-chair of the Democratic Town Committee as well as being a member of Granby Racial Reconciliation and the Economic Development Commission. Clearly, she knows the issues of our Town.

My experience with Monica is both personal and in volunteer collaboration. I’ve seen that she is calm under pressure and is willing to listen to all sides of an issue to find mutual ground for cooperation. She understands that investing wisely in our schools is a long-term investment in the future of Granby for all of us. She is committed to the idea that educating our students is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. 

On a personal level, Monica and her husband Matt Peters, are parents to two lovely boys who are thriving in our Granby schools. She knows the issues from the inside out! Professionally, she is an attorney who has been in practice for many years.

Monica Logan has the experience, knowledge, skills, and compassion needed to improve our already good schools while understanding the needs of Granby outside of the school system.

Monica Logan for Board of Education. Vote for her this November.

Tannia Hotchkiss

I endorse Monica Logan as a candidate for the Granby Board of Education.

I have come to know and enjoy working with Monica over the past five years serving together on the Granby Democratic Committee. Monica served as chairman of the committee.

During that time, I have observed her strong organizational skills. She has been prepared for meetings, completed tasks at hand, and provided a good sense of direction.

Monica works tirelessly and would be a loyal and dedicated member of any group. Monica expresses her thoughts, but is also open-minded and shows respect for others and their ideas. She is a good listener and seeks input.

I admire Monica for her sincere dedication to the DTC and firmly believe she will demonstrate the same dedication as a member of the Granby Board of Education.

Bill Kennedy

Granby voters are fortunate that to have the opportunity to vote for Monica Logan in the Nov. 2 municipal election to serve on the Board of Education (BOE). Let me first, though, thank the present town elected officials for their service. Never did they imagine when they sought election that they would serve their community under the circumstances of a global pandemic. 

Monica Logan brings a determined, creative spirit coupled with her ability to listen. Monica has unique abilities to bring resolution as an attorney specializing in negotiation and resolution. Her active engagement in the community makes her very aware of issues the BOE faces, such as masking, critical race theory, and, of course, taxes and special education. Indeed, it is time to explore the consolidation of extraneous services in neighboring communities in an effort to reduce costs while providing the best opportunities for our students.

Monica, too, has experienced the unusual circumstances over the last year as a working mother who found herself with new responsibilities for her young sons’ education in the virtual classroom. She brings those experiences and a strong skill set to improving our schools as a BOE member. Please elect Monica Logan on Nov. 2 to the Board of Education. 

Stephanie McGuire

This letter to fellow Granbyites is my wholehearted endorsement of Monica Logan’s election to the Board of Education. In paraphrasing Granby Public Schools Vision/Mission Statements, “All students will become powerful thinkers, effective collaborators, and compassionate contributors, prepared for 21st Century Citizenship in a dynamic, interdependent world.” Monica lives and models what this statement hopes for our students. 

Monica is a fellow volunteer on the Granby Racial Reconciliation Steering Committee. I respect her thoughtfulness and clear thinking as well as her ability to communicate respectively and openly. Monica is receptive to a variety of views and takes the time to learn from and collaborate with people invested in building on Granby’s strengths while acknowledging where we can do better as we move further into 21st Century citizenship. Her ability to get tasks done towards this aim while working and guiding two young sons towards their bright futures motivates me to keep moving forward. She will bring that commitment to assisting all our public-school students towards their bright futures as well. Granby would be fortunate to come together and elect Monica Logan for the Board of Education. Thank you for your consideration.

Cathy Watso