Support for Lofink

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In looking forward to this fall’s local elections, we all likely know how important financial planning is for Granby’s fiscal health. For the Board of Finance, I’d like to recommend Jim Lofink to voters as a thoughtful, experienced Granby policy leader who has consistently demonstrated his value in promoting intelligent and informed public discourse—exactly what we need to balance tax burdens with service needs. Jim would be a great Board of Finance member.

Dave Russell

On Election Day, we have choices! For Board of Finance, our first choice will be Jim Lofink. Jim has actively been involved in our Granby community, listening and learning of not just what we want but what we need! Jim is a hard worker, taking on projects for the betterment of Granby. He certainly would be a knowledgeable, contributing member of the Board of Finance. Please make Jim Lofink one of your choices for Board of Finance.

Jim and Patty Sansone