Support for Fiorentino

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I support Mark Fiorentino to be Granby’s next First Selectman. Since Mark moved to Granby in 2009, he has been active in many areas that have greatly strengthened our community. Mark has dedicated time and resources to many organizations, including Holcomb Farm, the Granby Education Foundation, the Granby Land Trust, the Granby Bears Football team, and the Granby Drummer. Mark has served on the Board of Education for almost eight years, currently serving as Vice Chairman. He and his wife Kristal have raised two children in Granby who graduated from GMHS and are attending college and graduate school.

Mark is the guy you call when you need to get something done. He puts tremendous thought and passion into everything he does. His experience professionally and with his volunteer positions in town make him prepared to start from day one to improve all aspects of our town. Mark is a great communicator and will work to keep our citizens informed of vital information necessary for every citizen to make important decisions regarding our town. Please join me in voting for Mark Fiorentino for First Selectman on Nov. 2.

John E. Adams

First Selectman, 2003-2013

As a democrat and someone with liberal social views, I want to share with you why I am voting for Mark Fiorentino for First Selectman.

Some of you may know that my husband and I own and operate Lost Acres Vineyard. Frankly, when we started, Kevin and I had little idea of what running a vineyard and the tasting room would be like. Four years into running our business, it was clear that our original special permit was not providing enough clarity for us, for the town and for some of our neighbors to feel protected. And, we were over our heads.

In stepped Mark, who had a long and successful career as a Land Use Attorney. Mark worked with us for over a year to navigate Planning and Zoning and collaborate with our neighbors to successfully update our special permit. But that is not really why I am supporting Mark. The reason I am supporting Mark for First Selectman is the way he worked with us, the town and other interested parties during the process. There was no question of Mark’s commitment to us, but what says more about Mark was his commitment to finding a solution that worked not only for the vineyard, but also the town and the neighbors. 

Mark is, at his core, a fair person and isn’t satisfied until he arrives at a resolution that works for everyone. He will listen to all sides of a debate and consider all viewpoints. He is smart and able to craft a creative solution. He has integrity; he does the right thing no matter who is around. This intelligence, creativity and integrity will serve all Granby’s residents when he becomes First Selectman.

Now some people might be saying, sure…but how can you vote for a Republican given some of their stances on social issues? That’s a fair question. I have known Mark for over 10 years. I have watched Mark and I know from experience how hard he works to understand all viewpoints, even those from people whose life experiences are different from his own. He will represent everyone and will strive to enact policies that protect all people, including the vulnerable.

My experience with Mark is that he is smart, he is fair, he listens and he considers all sides of a debate, even the ones he might not initially agree with, and he gets things done. Granby will be lucky to have him as our First Selectman.

Thank you,

Michelle Niedermeyer

As a former First Selectman and State Representative, I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Fiorentino as an excellent choice for Granby’s First Selectman. His involvement in Granby’s governance during eight years on the BOE, with four years as its Vice Chair, provided a deep understanding of municipal budgets and more importantly, being attuned to our community’s feelings about educational needs and affordability. As Granby’s representative to the Capital Area Education Council, Mark also understands the bigger picture of Granby’s interaction with other school districts and the State of Connecticut. Both his children are now attending college and are proud graduates of Granby Memorial High School.

His public service extends beyond just the BOE including VP of Friends of Holcomb Farm, Kelly Lane School Building Committee, Granby Conservation Committee and our Plan of Conservation and Development Advisory Committee. Many residents recognize Mark as the author of the Drummer’s Waypoints fishing column and others know him from his involvement as coach of Granby’s Travel and Recreational Basketball teams, as well as a Little League coach and Granby Bears Football volunteer.

Professionally, as a government affairs and land use attorney, with 30 years’ experience working with government entities at the local, regional, state and federal levels, Mark has demonstrated his ability to successfully interact with state government and thus is well suited to assure Granby’s involvement with the State of Connecticut is beneficial for our community. 

Personally, I have known Mark for several years and my wife and I know his wife Kristal through yoga. He is a thoughtful individual who is always concerned about other people’s viewpoints. Mark makes informed decisions that represent all sides of an issue and he effectively communicates his reasoning. As you can see, Mark Fiorentino has the experience and temperament to make an excellent First Selectman for Granby so I am proud to endorse him for that position.

William Simanski