Support for Emery

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We have known Jenny Emery and her husband “Coach” Dave for many years and have worked with both of them on some of the civic projects with which they have been involved. They share the same passion for Granby and have donated thousands of hours to it. We also have marveled at all of the other things they do in our town. If you know and respect one of them, you understand the other one, too.

Jenny, currently a member of the Board of Education, hopes now to serve on the Board of Finance, for which she is superbly well-qualified. Before she recently retired from her professional career, she spent decades working on public policy and financing projects for cities and towns across America. We recommend that everyone read her position paper which outlines some of the impressive things she has done. She will bring those years of experience to the BOF.

Just as important as her impressive credentials is her approach to the issues Granby is facing. In her campaign materials, she has listed the most obvious questions she would ask and adds that, although she doesn’t know all of the answers, she knows what the questions are and how they should be asked. That is the attitude of a thoughtful listener and, as has been the case with her community activities in the past, is sure to lead to respectful dialog, collaboration and, where appropriate, compromise. Granby needs leaders who will act in that spirit.

We will cast our enthusiastic votes for Jenny Emery and hope you will, too.

Put and Nannie Brown

Jenny Emery is running for the Board of Finance. This is a very good thing for our town. Why do I think so?

Here are my reasons. First, she has a deep well of useful experience. In her long professional insurance career before retirement, she worked in finance and risk management for local governments. She learned how to make things happen, and how to avoid mistakes.

Second, she has served on the Board of Education for ten years. Our town’s tax burden—the great majority—is devoted to our schools. We are educating the next generation. Jenny knows the lay of the land as well as anyone.

Third, she has made the long-term commitment to our town. Her three kids all graduated from Granby High. Her commitment to the key values of our town—open space, agriculture and the environment—is shown by her many years as the volunteer executive director of the Friends of Holcomb Farm. I know how important this is because I am on the board and have seen her work.

Jenny has served the town well. She will continue to do that on the Board of Finance.

Eric Lukingbeal

I write this letter as a native of Granby, with remaining family and close ties to many others. On Nov. 2, the residents of Granby can cast votes for people who have volunteered to offer their time and talents in leadership of this special community. I hope you will take that opportunity to put Jenny Emery on your Board of Finance.

I have known Jenny for over two decades, both personally and professionally. She is forward-thinking, pragmatic, and evaluates solutions to problems with a big-picture, long-term focus rather than simply executing short-term fixes that appease the often-loud minority. Her emotional competency is exemplified in her ability to listen, read, and learn before reacting to a challenge. In other words, she is capable of stitching wounds that need them rather than using band-aids.

In addition to her decades-long commitment to the town of Granby where she and her family have lived for over 40 years, she has operated a successful consulting business focused on risk and financial management for local governments and supports local and national charitable organizations/causes both financially and with her time, including service on numerous Boards of Directors and volunteering her time.

Jenny puts her money where her mouth is and her time where her heart is.

Jenny and her husband Dave raised their three children in Granby. Anyone that knows these children can see in them a perfect reflection of the phenomenal values that Jenny would bring to the Board of Finance. She is intimately aware of the weaknesses and challenges that the town faces—yet is always the first to champion and share the beauty and strengths that make the Town of Granby a gem within all of New England. A vote for her on Nov. 2 is a vote for pragmatic progress in my hometown.

Jason J. Warnke, Avon