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Original artwork by Aleina Nardi

A Day at the Beach
Can you imagine a day at the beach?

The hot sun penetrates through our skin, like an outstretched hand.
The sand, warm, soft, and comforting, like a mother’s arms.
The waves roll in with their white foam crests.

The seagulls cry out,
The foghorns ring,
But the waves still crash a very peaceful rhyme.

Collect seashells along the seashore,
Perhaps build a sandcastle,
Or have fun riding the waves
Oh, the things to do on a beach day.

Taste the salty air,
Feel the warm breeze,
Hear the peacefulness of the rhythmic waves.

Oh, a day at the beach would be nice,
So much to do with family,
Perhaps only a dream or could it be reality?

Aleina Nardi, GMMS, Grade 8

What Summer Holds

Original artwork by Katie O’Neill

The summer bonfire’s flames light up

the dimming outdoors

As the sun begins to set.

Summer days are freedom,

Freedom from order,

Freedom from school.

Whether it’s pond-side, poolside, or beachside.

A time to reconnect to the outside,

Reconnect to nature,

Reconnect to reality.

Power down your phones

Shut off the TV

Close the computer,

And open the window.

Let the summer breeze carry you to another world,

A world where you don’t have to be anything

But a kid.

From days before filled with crowded classes and inflexible schedules,

To lengthy periods spent outside under the scorching sun.

The final bell

On that last day,

That freed us

To whatever summer holds.

Katie O’Neill, GMMS, Grade 8

Master Gave Dobby a Sock

Liam Connelly

GMMS, Grade 6