Connecticut’s “Jabba the Hutt” administration

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On May 11, the CT Mirror published an article by Mark Pazniokas entitled, “House extends emergency powers—but with added oversight” ( While a majority of “Demoncrats” in both the House and Senate create and manipulate bills and budgets and the Capitol remains closed to the public, the same body of unilateral capacity extended Governor Lamont’s Executive emergency powers until July 20, albeit with some nominal oversight.

The question is “why” because according to the information shared by the Governor’s office and media reports, we are in good shape with the COVID-19 issue. It’s just another control factor that can limit Connecticut citizens’ and businesses’ fiscal status and quality of life.

What will happen in the fall? If there is a hint of a new COVID variant and a third vaccine shot requirement from the CDC or any one of the Federal Health Department experts, it will probably incur an extension of Governor Lamont’s executive gavel ability. 

Are you as a hard working taxpayer from any party willing to continue to deal with this “Jabba the Hutt” government culture? Those of you in the senior sector are challenged with fixed incomes; small business owners are at the mercy of commercial limitations and lack of qualified employees; the working poor struggle to pay rents, and our children have incurred mental health issues from insufficient educational exposure. All are suffering from the rate hikes of Eversource. The Y generation is very vocal when it comes to what they are facing as their “inherited financial fiasco future” as a result of the current long term national and state budget commitments.

Once again, it is your right and responsibility to give careful consideration to upcoming 2022 legislative and gubernatorial elections and which candidates would speak on behalf of the people, govern with truth and transparency and improve the economic health and wealth of our Connecticut residents.

Susan Patricelli Regan is a gubernatorial candidate in the 2022 Connecticut Republican primary. She is the host of CT Valley Views, and founder of the Sylvia Davis Fine Arts Scholarship.

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