Summer Nights

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The rain falls as if the ground pulls at it with a magnet. Unwillingly. Fall rain. Please fall. I let the droplets caress my smile, my eyelids, and my cheeks. I soak it in, staring up at the black sky.

We move about as if it’s instinct. Me and my sister. My sister and I. Under the watchful sky. One foot here. Another there. Drenched and soggy. Carefree and happy. The rain continues to fall. But we keep dancing. The air is sweet and sticky. It catches on my cheeks and fills my nose making me feel giddy. My bare feet slip and slide. The slick deck tumbling beneath me. But my sister is always there to catch me. Hands grasp. The moment is pulled back into reach. Is it a dream? Please pinch me. My feet find the rhythm of the rain. My hands glide back and forth dancing between the droplets. Time has paused. And it feels magical. Under the sweet summer sky, with my best friend.

By Sydney Henry

GMMS, Grade 8