Global Warming

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Ice caps are melting. Weather is out of whack. Rainforests are being cut down. States are burning. The Earth is sick, and most people won’t do anything about it; and those who do try to help are ridiculed and dismissed. Why? Because global warming hasn’t directly affected most people. Does that sound right? No, not in the slightest. So why would people decide to not care about a problem because it doesn’t directly affect them?

Well, this is because the human race is sometimes slow to accept change, that instead of listening, they instantly want to push it away. Even if it’s something that has been scientifically proven, people still refuse to trust change because they think that if they refuse the truth, then maybe—just maybe—they might be able to stop the change. But what everyone repudiates is this: just because you reject the truth, doesn’t mean that it’s going to stop.

Therefore, people need to understand that whether or not something directly affects you, they should still step up and help; because one day, everyone will wish they had done something to help instead of looking dismissively at those who were trying to help.

By Heather Craney

GMMS, Grade 7