Five-Year Farm Business Plan Complete

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Tons of volunteer time from board members Donna Snyder, Rocky Piccirillo and others, as well as some consulting support funded through a State grant, have helped the Friends of Holcomb Farm complete a Five-Year Business Plan for our farming operations at Holcomb Farm. 

The work sought to answer questions like: how has this non-profit business changed since it was assumed by the Friends in 2012; are there growth opportunities in any or all of the segments we serve – CSA summer and winter, retail farm store, wholesale restaurants, and food contributed through Fresh Access; do we have the acreage necessary to support the growth; and how does this fit in with our objective of also supporting others in agriculture here in Granby? 

We don’t have all the answers, but we are proud to know that we have developed a growing and sustainable farming program, both economically and agriculturally. In addition, we are excited to begin work that could see us double our annual production, through increased production well beyond the summer months, with particular focus on increasing our support to Fresh Access, providing the best food possible to people in need right here in Granby and throughout the greater Hartford area.

Our next step it to integrate this Farm Business Plan into an update of our overall strategic plan, so the work of the Friends—on behalf of our members, donors, and grant-providers—can continue to serve the Town of Granby. 

Our other areas of focus include development of Fresh Access partners for funding and distribution, stewardship of the rest of the 312 acres of Town-owned land, including developing and maintaining miles of public trails, and planting and enhancing the new Tree Trail, and making sure the Granby community is aware of and participates in this wonderful town treasure, the gift of Tudor and Laura Holcomb.