A growing population of unaffiliated voters in Connecticut

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Registered voter numbers in Connecticut have shifted considerably in the past few years reflecting movement away from the two major parties to the unaffiliated list. The defections appear to have occurred at a greater rate from the Republican party compared to the Democratic party. To some extent the Republican shift has been more by women than men. The all-other-party-affiliation totals have remained steady. 

This trend has been determined by speaking to several Registrar of Voters offices in the surrounding area that all mirror the same variants. Further investigation may have different results depending on district.  I welcome any response on this commentary.

Has all that has occurred over the past year to the nation and state with the COVID-19 challenges, political polarization momentum and social media concerns impacted your voting attitude as a Granby taxpayer? It is concerning to think that a person might surrender to apathy to disengage from one of their most important rights due to indifference created by these cultural circumstances. 

We need to identify the key elements that will improve citizens’ fiscal status and quality of life. If we can establish the major common dominators among all voters that will solve this objective, we can plan strategies and tactics to find common sense solutions to these growing concerns.

 Unfortunately, a life-learning axiom applies: “You can only please 80 percent of the people 20 percent of the time and 20 percent of the people 80 percent of the time.” However, a logical approach can be realized with good leadership at the helm to find a median that works for the hard-working business owners and families of Connecticut.

In the upcoming 2021 municipal elections and the 2022 gubernatorial and statewide races, be sure to listen carefully to the candidates’ rhetoric to see if what they are saying maintains the democratic elements of civility, common sense, conservatism and compromise.

As an independent thinker, it is your right and responsibility to monitor the actions of whomever you choose to support by vote and or campaign donation.