CTVV interviews SAM CT Chair

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The SAM CT Task Force was created in Connecticut in 2019 to provide real competition to the two-party monopoly that has had a stranglehold on voters for decades and that forces candidates into partisan camps focused on reelection rather than issues that concern the voters of the Constitution State.

The political system as we know it, both nationally and statewide, has been under scrutiny with regard to the major parties and the historic way government officials are elected. Legislature differs in various ways state to state and many voters feel that respective candidates are not providing the level of quality and diversity they expect. 

Susan Patricelli Regan, host of CT Valley Views has interviewed Monte Frank, chair of SAM CT, to provide viewers with a comprehensive overview of SAM CT’s objectives, status and future goals in a guest segment that will enlighten those who, as taxpayers, have a vested interest in both their personal and statewide governance and the economic future health.

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