A candid viewpoint on public education in the U.S.

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Just as commentary, I am providing a portion of a Jan. 12 article from CT Viewpoints, by Michael Gargano, on public education as he sees it on the U.S. front. On my part it is not meant to reflect Granby’s status, merely as a diverse perspective on the subject.

Gargano is the CEO of The Education Think Tank and former provost and senior vice president of Connecticut State College and University System, and vice president of faculty, academics and student affairs for the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

To read Gargano’s entire article, go to: 


Here are the specific issues that Gargano illuminates:

“The demise of public education has many contributors: Union contracts that retain ineffective and low performing teachers. Too many students that exceed the chronic absenteeism rate. Education policy that prevents removing disruptive students from the classroom. K–4 schools that only offer science instruction two hours a week. Parents who do not place a high priority on their child’s education. Inconsistent funding formulas at the federal and state level. Grade inflation that renders the overall high school grade point average useless. Advocates against grades, testing and any form of academic assessment. College holistic admission policies that substitute academic criteria.”

Public education makes up the majority of any municipality’s budget and that, I believe, gives some credence to taking his view into consideration. As Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education, Miguel Angel Cardona will now serve in the Biden/Harris administration, it will be interesting to see if he incorporates any of this thinking on a national basis.

I look forward to any reaction to Gargano’s view on the current situation of public education in America.

Editor’s Note: Susan Patricelli Regan is the host of CT Valley Views TV Program.