Elections have consequences

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The results of the Nov. 3 election says a lot about the direction that Granby and the state is headed.

President Trump lost by 12 percent to Joe Biden; longtime State Senator John Kissel, and good friend to Granby, lost in Granby to Democrat Fred Moffa by 10 percent; and State Rep. Candidate Mark Anderson had a narrow victory over Audrey Lampert. The overall move Left is troubling.

Connecticut is burdened by 40 years of Democrat tax and spend, which shows no waning. The new federal administration promises free state college tuition, student loan forgiveness and “no tax increase for those under the income of $400,000/year.” However, they promise to repeal Trump’s tax cuts—which is a tax increase.

Connecticut is poised to legalize marijuana, implement tolls and sports betting because of Democrat “super majority” in both the Senate and House. We are in for more government intervention in our lives because they “know what’s good for us.”

We have been told for four years that the Republicans are racist, homophobic and other divisive descriptions and it appears that a majority of voters believe it. No one has done more for minority communities in order to provide a way forward for improving their lives than President Trump with economic development zones, criminal justice reform and permanent funding of Historical Black Colleges.

Democrats constantly promise that they will look out for all of us, yet they are only concerned about re-election and their control has only gotten stronger during the COVID pandemic. The arbitrary application of limits on gatherings, including houses of worship, sports and school openings has had deleterious effects on the population.

For 40 years in Connecticut, there has been no discernible improvement in inner-city school performance or the reduction on government dependence. Democrats want to eliminate school choice, which is the only way out for some minority students. Democrats passed the police accountability bill with no bipartisan support and want to defund the police upon who we depend. So, the next time you need 911 assistance, let us hope they arrive in a timely manner or arrive at all.

Now, we have to listen to the “woke” mob about how we are systemically racist and have to apologize and get with their program or face violent backlash.

Our Constitution is under attack—pick an Amendment and it has to be repealed or replaced. Our rights are being diminished, from freedom of speech and assembly to religious expression and our right to bear arms.

The violence has not ended and there is no end in sight. The anarchists have hijacked the narrative and we all are at risk.

While “we are all in this together,” we have to work for solutions that do the most for everyone, not solely for any specific segment of the population.

Bill Regan