Thanksgiving Thoughts

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The fields were harvested.  The pumpkin pies have been baked, and in the oven, the turkey roasts to a crisp, golden brown.

Either in person, or virtually, we come together this dayto give thanks for the Blessings in our lives.

It’s different this year; a dear friend has passed due to complications of the virus, and he, as others will be deeply missed. Some of us will have younger people, socially distant, deliver our dinner to us, and we will miss being together as a family.  Still, we know, there is much to be thankful for—the Beauty of nature thatspeaks of God, the Creator, the birth of babies that says life goes on, our pets that bring joy to our lives, and the caring acts of friends and family that keep us going.

Yes, even though times are difficult, it is still good to say a sincere thank you to all who make our lives better by their work and thoughtful actions—especially those 

In the medical field, all who work in stores, and all who bring deliveries to our homes.  May God bless them, and may God bless our beloved country.

—Bernadette Gentry