Support for Lampert

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I am a registered Independent. My affiliation is not tied to a specific party but with the candidate I believe is best for the job. Candidates who have strong morals, ethics, values and the necessary skills, experience and knowledge will receive my vote, regardless of their own party affiliation. Audrey Lampert has the ability, desire and skills to be our State Representative and I will be voting for her. Among many of Audrey’s outstanding qualities, the two I respect most are her determination and passion for others.

Audrey’s 30 successful years in a corporate environment have made her an expert in navigating difficult situations. She has vast experience in standing up for what is right to those in high, powerful positions. She is a winner against all odds.

Audrey is passionate and genuine about helping others; she truly cares about the people of our community. She regularly donates her time, talent and treasures to numerous local charities and she has volunteered in various leadership positions. Her faithfulness to our town and its people is unwavering. 

When I was a kid, every day my classmates and I would recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Every so often I would fumble the pronunciation of the word “indivisible” most likely due to a combination of an accelerated tempo and lack of understanding of the word. As an adult, that word is much more meaningful to me. Indivisible is defined as incapable of being divided or separated. Today, our country is more divided than I can ever recall. It’s time to bring our country back together, “with liberty and justice for all.” We can start with our community. 

Your vote is important and represents the change that you want to see for our small piece of this beautiful country we call home. Please join me in supporting Audrey Lampert. Not because it’s a vote based on blue or red but because it’s based on the individual who is the best candidate to be our State Representative.

Laura Murach