Support for Anderson

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Mark Anderson is the right choice to represent Granby and the 62nd House District.

Mark listens. When you encounter him in the neighborhood or in town, he turns the conversation to what YOU think. He wants to know what is important to YOU. And he concludes every discussion by asking what he can do to help.

Mark is a man of his word. We can count on Mark to act upon his commitments. He is committed to holding government accountable to constituents, while supporting and protecting town resources. He will stand up for small businesses, because he knows they are the source of our growth and prosperity. He will stand up for policies that make Connecticut a more affordable place to live, because he knows that keeping families in Connecticut provides the sound foundation upon which we grow and thrive. 

Mark understands the importance of protecting our freedom to grow and prosper in Connecticut, not just for us, but for the generations to come. 

Mark Anderson is the right choice. Please support him for State Representative.

Jane Miller

As the current sitting Representative for the 62nd District, I know what is required to be an effective legislator and advocate for the district. That is why I highly recommend Mark Anderson as my replacement.

I have worked extensively with Mark over the past two years and he has demonstrated an in-depth grasp of the issues facing our state. With a bachelor’s degree in government and master’s degree in public policy, he certainly understands the “big picture” as well as the local issues. 

Like me, Mark is a compassionate conservative: opposed to further taxation. He believes in efficient government, not a bloated bureaucracy. As the father of a special needs child through marriage he certainly understands the issues facing our less fortunate residents and the need for a government safety net. Safe communities and support for our dedicated law enforcement personnel is a priority with Mark. A major issue to be addressed in the next legislative session will be local control of our schools and zoning. Mark Anderson is an advocate for municipalities determining what is best for their residents, rather than ceding control to the Hartford bureaucracy.

In addition to all the assets cited above, Mark’s record of serving this country in the U.S. Army, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, speaks about his dedication to public service. He continues in public service as an active member of the American Legion Post 182 in Granby, and secretary of Bethany Lutheran Brethren Church in East Hartland. Mark’s service to our country and local communities proves his commitment to service. 

The 62nd District would do well to elect Mark Anderson, a proven, knowledgeable public servant, as your next State Representative. 

William Simanski