In support of John Kissel

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John Kissel is one of the few Republicans that have held on to a seat in the state senate for a number of years because he manages to reach and support a broad range of constituents in multiple towns. Although his district overlaps only a small portion of Windsor, he has always been available and responsive to anyone in the town of Windsor and the other towns within Senate District 7.

He notifies us when issues of concern are coming before committee or a vote so that we can write to him and state our concerns if we are signed up for updates via his website or Facebook page.

He has been steadfast in his opposition to tolls as one more tax on residents who are already overburdened with taxes and hidden fees.

Democratic opponents to Republican incumbents are crying out for change, but they don’t mention that the legislature has been controlled by their party for more than 40 years and that a myriad of their policies has resulted in our current financial burden of high taxes and fees on Connecticut residents.

Kissel’s opponent would like you to believe that he is personally responsible for Eversource’s rate issues, but the matter is far more complex. Legislative mandates requiring utility companies to purchase so-called green energy are a big factor in the current rate hike, but the entire issue requires careful analysis by a bipartisan committee. Let’s move towards a more balanced legislature.

Please help John Kissel retain his Senate seat and vote for him on Nov. 3.

Linda S. Alexander, MD

I would like to add my voice to those supporting John Kissel’s candidacy for reelection as Connecticut’s District 7 senator. 

A strong advocate on the Judiciary Committee, John Kissel has also been a great help to me and Granby over a number of years. This help came in a number of ways. First, as a citizen needing services and information. More lasting and more valuable assistance came to Granby and me as an advocate for public education and a member of the Granby Board of Education. Senator Kissel, though not primarily involved with education issues and their intricacies, always made himself available to me, took the time to listen and to understand, and then responded positively to my requests for help. As a result, he both served local public education and also became more accustomed to our needs as a town. He has earned and deserves our support! 

Cal Heminway

Over the years as a voting adult, I have written to Senator Kissel about concerns I had about various issues. I have always received back either an email or note regarding those specific issues and information or his plan for a vote. It is never a form letter so I know he is listening. I admire his experience and service to improve the quality of life for all of us here in Connecticut.

Carol Hulbert

Senator John Kissel has been a business-friendly, fiscally responsible legislator. I know him as a family man who is pro-family in his voting.

He is a true government servant … not a politician who is self-serving. He definitely has earned our trust for reelection.

Larry Laureno
East Granby

I am writing in support of Senator John Kissel. 

Senator Kissel has been such an amazing support to my family over the years. He has always been accessible to me as a constituent and very responsive to my needs. He has been an advocate for my family and our special needs child for many years. 

Senator Kissel exemplifies the type of man and politician that every town in Connecticut should be fortunate to have working for them in Hartford. His voting record is consistent with lowering taxes and protecting our 4th amendment rights. He has been at our service for 28 years and while some may think that is too long, the citizens of Suffield, Enfield, Windsor, East Granby, Somers, Granby and Windsor Locks have clearly said differently with their votes over the years. 

Please consider voting for Senator Kissel as his record and his commitment to our towns and state represent a proven track record of listening to his constituents and always doing the right thing by them.

Thank you,

Melissa Sullivan