Vitality Team: A healing approach to effects of COVID-19

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Photo by Heather Dobbert

FCC’s Pastor Todd blesses a visitor at the congregation’s annual Blessing of the Animals service.

What does it mean to be vital? To be truly needed? Essential? Important?

Certainly, these last six months have caused many to take pause. COVID-19 has created an unexpected opportunity to reflect on personal vitality. Individuals and families alike have become keenly aware of exactly what we need in our lives to survive and to thrive. Sadly, one thing many have learned to live without is an abundance of social interaction. We miss hugs. We long for the days of backyard barbeques with friends and family. We wonder, “When will this all end?” 

Through news and social media, we have witnessed so much daily suffering such as COVID-19 related deaths, economic devastation and racial tensions. The world is hurting, Granby is hurting.

First Congregation Church of Granby values the need for healing. The congregation is exploring new and unique ways to connect with and care for members of the local community. The church’s Vitality Team has never been busier. The group consists of individuals who are simply passionate for its mission to make the church a vital part of the local community. 

The group has found ways to thank essential workers including, but not limited to, nursing home staff, day care workers, library staff and public works staff.

The Vitality Team has blessed the local animals, held food drives for those dealing with food insecurity, and driven through neighborhoods honking wildly during a Car Cheer Parade. The Easter Bunny also made a guest appearance, delivering care bags to support local families and children, and raise funds to support the Alzheimer’s Association. Ironically, in many ways, we are closer than ever. We suppose these small things won’t change the world—or will they?

The Vitality Team would love to hear your stories about how you have made a difference in your community. The group would also appreciate ideas about what it might do next. Please send emails to

First Congregational Church of Granby members gather to make signs and decorate for a town-wide car cheer parade. Photo by Heather Dobbert