Support for Mark Anderson

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Neighbors, I felt compelled to draft a note to let you all know a little bit about our neighbor and 62nd District State Representative Candidate Mark Anderson. 

Aside from his record as a career military man, Mark is an exceptional neighbor and human being. He spends countless hours volunteering his time for the betterment of Connecticut and Granby. Most recently Mark has fought on behalf of us all, to keep tolls out of Connecticut. I believe he will represent our District with the tenacity and courage to stand up to a State House that prides itself on taxing and spending. He will dedicate his term to work within the machine to fight to keep Connecticut affordable. His work will ensure small towns and Districts like the 62nd get the fair support we need from the state as well as fight to flatten the state income tax. 

In the few years I have known Mark, I can confidently say I have never heard him ask for anything other than how he could help. How he could help a cause, a neighbor or a friend. This is the type of Representative we need for Granby. With full support,

James Tsaptsinos