All sides need to be heard and healed

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After reading the September Letters to the Editor, I felt that I had to reply. My husband and I have been residents of the Granby community for 55 years. Our children grew up here and attended Granby schools. My husband also taught here.

It was interesting to read about the protests held in Granby this summer. I’m glad that they were peaceful and for a good cause. I’m also fine that a Task Force for Social Justice causes has been formed.

I just want to share what has happened to us. We proudly placed a Trump flag on our front porch railing. After about a month, we found it burned on our week-old driveway. We will forever have a spot where it was burned. We then decided to place a Blue Lives Matter flag in its place. We thought, “This is Granby a place where our police have always been there for us.” About a month later, this flag was defaced with red spray paint and the number 1312 was written on it.

We can’t even show our political choices right now. We never thought we would see something like this in the town of Granby. I hope the Task Force can find a way for all to heal during this very sad time for our town and nation.

Ed and Carolyn Calhoun