Support for Democrat Candidates

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This November’s election comes at an intersection of unique and unprecedented events that give us the opportunity to not only vote our values but also our conscience and show who we truly are. In our town, we have three exceptionally qualified candidates running for office.

Audrey Lampert is running to represent the 62nd Congressional District. As a longtime resident of Granby, she has served the community in a variety of capacities. Audrey worked in the finance industry for over 30 years. This financial experience makes Audrey a strong believer in working with facts and numbers to provide a sound analysis. I’ve had the opportunity to see this process in action when Audrey served as Treasurer for the Democratic Town Committee. This commitment to facts combined with long-term experience and ability to process complex financial information is precisely the type of individual the 62nd District needs. Audrey is also a vocal and passionate supporter of environmental issues, human rights, and anti-racism, as well as a heartfelt ally of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Dr. Fred Moffa is running for state senate for the 7th District, which encompasses most of Granby. Dr. Moffa and all his children are graduates of Granby High School. He is a small business owner in town, having run his optometry practice in Granby since 2000, and he has served on our town’s Board of Finance since 2005. As a medical professional, Dr. Moffa holds an unequivocal belief in the power of science as well as the value of a strong education and is a clear supporter of inclusivity and social justice. Dr. Moffa’s kindness and approachability always shows his empathy and concern for others. Granby can elect a state senator with experience running a small business as well as a medical background combined with financial experience with no special interest ties to help during this difficult and complicated time.  

West Granby is fortunate to have Melissa Osborne running to represent those in the 8th Senate District. Melissa is an attorney and experienced mediator. She has served on Simsbury’s Clean Energy Task Force, Charter Revision Commission and is currently serving on Zoning. Her career involved everything from multi-billion-dollar corporate real estate deals to representing indigent children and parents in neglect proceedings. She believes in data-driven solutions to our state’s economic situation and smart investments in infrastructure to drive economic growth, not by raising taxes as she knows first-hand the barriers that too many taxes and regulations can put on businesses and growth. Melissa is also a passionate advocate for women’s rights and promoter of affordable healthcare and health insurance for all. Melissa has a particular interest in energy and technology policy, economic growth and Judicial Branch reform and will introduce legislation on day one to bring real solutions. 

This year, it is crucial to bring smart representation to the legislature. Audrey Lampert, Fred Moffa and Melissa Osborne will serve our community and our state with empathy, intelligence, and dignity. 

Monica L. Logan
Chair of the Democratic Town Committee