Support for change comes in many forms

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The recent article headlined, Granby gathers in a show of support for Black Lives Matter, highlights the passion and determination of Granby residents to enact change not only in our town, but in our nation. This passion is particularly strong in the youngest generation; however, young people have the lowest voter turnout rate of any voting generation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the 2018 election, 35.6 percent of eligible voters ages 18–29 cast their ballots compared to 66.1 percent of voters ages 65 and older. This is a difference of 30.5 percent.

The youngest generation is the largest and most diverse voting bloc in America. This summer, through my work as an intern for Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups), I have witnessed firsthand the passion that young people have to change our nation. If we can carry this energy to the polls on Nov. 3, we can create that change we want to see. Because of this, I encourage every young person to become a voter by registering to vote today.

Katie Smith