The Pandemic

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It came so suddenly—the closing of colleges, schools, houses of worship, and libraries, hairdressers and bank lobbies. Everything that was a normal part of daily living was no more. I was frightened as we were told to “Stay home. Stay safe.” I worried how long it would last, and where I could get face masks.

Sadly, early on, a dear friend of the family died of complications from the virus.

My son got my groceries and prescriptions. I received and made phone calls and wrote letters to keep in touch with family and friends. I watched the daily Mass on television and reread books on my bookshelves. I was grateful for the mail carrier and the paper carrier who kept me connected to the outside world. I became used to seeing Amazon, FedEx and UPS trucks going up and down my street. 

In the midst of this agitation, I ventured out to walk up and down the driveway for exercise. My first day out I saw a beautiful purple crocus with a yellow center. Then, right along with Easter, came a deep purple hyacinth.

Each day from my window, I watched the tiny yellow flowers of the forsythia emerge. Their beauty was exceptional this year and seemed to last three full weeks instead of the usual two.

The robins and other songbirds returned. The chipmunks and squirrels frolicked in the yard. More flowers blossomed adding pink and white colors to the garden. The trees, too, blossomed and leafed out with green beauty, and despite all the fears of the virus, Nature offered her comforting presence, and I was thankful.

-—By Bernadette Gentry