Preserving Granby’s pandemic memories

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The coronavirus has ushered in a unique opportunity for Granby residents—preserving memory of the COVID-19 pandemic experience for future generations. The Salmon Brook Historical Society and the Granby Public Library are working together to gather stories about how the pandemic has affected life.

How is your family coping with the “stay at home” scene for work and school? What are your thoughts on what the future will be? What do you miss and how do you pass the time? How has Granby changed? Do you look at life differently now—how so? What is better as a result of the lockdown?

Your photos, letters, essays, drawings or recordings will become a part of Granby history. We encourage children to draw pictures or write stories about the changes in their lives. The generations that follow us will read our words and see through our eyes how it was to live through the 2020 Pandemic when they visit the historical society archives.

Please send your material to Salmon Brook Historical Society at P.O. Box 840, Granby, CT 06035 or email to 

For more information or if you have any questions, call the Granby Public Library, 860-844-5275.