Support for Lampert

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I’m writing in support of Audrey Lampert, candidate for Connecticut House of Representatives, 62nd District. I’ve known Audrey for years. We first met through our mutual involvement with the Granby Democratic Town Committee, where she has been an officer for years. Audrey has deep roots and involvement in Granby and the wider community. One of the things I’ve noticed about Audrey is, whatever the task before her, her problem-solving skills go to work immediately, and those skills are exceptional. She is a no-nonsense person who uses her extensive experience at high levels in the financial management world to get right to the issue. Invariably, she reaches solutions that are logical, attainable and acceptable to all parties.

This is an exceptional skill set and is key to Audrey’s success both in her professional work and her civic engagement: her ability to recognize all viewpoints and bring people together. Audrey will be a Representative who will effectively reach across the aisle when needed, to reach a solution that’s right for the district and right for Connecticut. And really, that’s what we need from our state legislators to get Connecticut moving again.

Valerie Eastwood