Aug. 11 Presidential Preference Primary creates challenges

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State and federal agencies are assisting the Town of Granby with finding new protocols for providing the possible alternatives to vote. New guidelines are still in development for in-person voting, and the registrars will equip the polling place with supplies that meet the CDC guidelines. New electronic options to petition to get on the ballot have been approved by an Executive Order from the governor. The number of signatures required has been reduced by 30 percent. Anyone interested in contesting the party nominees that were chosen in May, can go to the SOTS website or contact the registrars for the details. The deadline to submit primary petitions has been extended. They are now due at the registrar’s office by 4 p.m. on June 11. 

Absentee ballot applications sent to all Democrats and Republicans

The controversy over who can vote absentee during a pandemic in Connecticut has yet to be formally resolved. Unlike many other states, the Connecticut State Constitution only allows a short list of reasons to vote absentee. While changes to the Constitution have been proposed and debated, no changes have been passed. In an unprecedented move, the Secretary of State is mailing absentee ballot applications to every eligible primary voter to ensure their safety during the pandemic. 

While the state constitution prohibits absentee voting for all, during the pandemic anyone who is at risk of infecting themselves or others may consider themselves unable to vote in person. If social distancing is still in place in August and you choose to request an absentee ballot for your safety, please do NOT neglect to check one of the reasons listed on the form. There is a box for “my illness” and another for “my physical disability.” Neither of these reasons require a doctor’s note for the town clerk. The Secretary of State’s office has issued a detailed legal opinion that those at risk for Covid-19 can apply, marking the illness box. The governor and state legislature have not yet taken legal action to support this interpretation. All absentee ballot applications must be filled out and mailed to the town clerk in order to receive an absentee ballot. The town clerk will begin issuing absentee ballots for the Aug. 11 primary when they become available on July 21. The application form is available online on the SOTS website: 


Please note that if you have already applied for an absentee ballot for the primary r for the original April 28 or June 2 dates, there is no need to reapply—your application will be transferred to the new date of Aug. 11.