SBP Park House great for gatherings

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The Gathering Room is a great place to get everyone together.  Granby Recreation and Leisure Services is not just for youth sports. In the last year, we have rented the Gathering Room at Salmon Brook Park for two graduation parties and a birthday party. The room has chairs, round and rectangular tables. We were able to set up the event to suit our specific needs. The room seats 98 people with space to walk around.

The Gathering Room has a kitchen with a refrigerator, sink and counter space. There are outlets to set up crock pots, warmers and kettles. We usually set up five rectangular tables for food and drinks with ten round tables for people to sit. There are large modern restrooms for guests. We easily applied for a permit to serve alcohol at one of the events. 

My wife and I often talked about getting everyone together, but it becomes complicated when we think of all the people we want to invite versus the limited space in our house and driveway. The Gathering Room has inside space for heated or air-conditioned seating and outside area for activities during the warmer months. The room is well lit and open without any columns in the middle of the room. 

Clean up after each event was quick and easy. It is convenient to gather the tablecloths with garbage and dispose of it all in the on-site dumpster. It is much more convenient than stuffing it into our green barrel and hoping the bears don’t tip it for a snack.

The Gathering Room is only one of many venues available through Granby Recreation and Leisure Services. We have rented the pavilions at Salmon Brook Park in the past with the same delightful result. 

I completed the application online and posted my deposit. Terri and Daphne were helpful, accommodating and enthusiastic about our events. Every event went off without a hitch. If you have any upcoming events and you want to invite more people than usual, I highly recommend considering the venues offered by Granby Recreation and Leisure Services.