Granby Democratic, Republican town committees will hold party caucuses

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February is a busy time for potential November candidates to gain party support and campaign funds. In March, each town will hold two caucuses, one Republican and one Democrat, for party members to vote on the town delegates to send to their State and District party conventions in May. At these conventions the party candidate endorsement selections are made. A primary in August will occur should a potential candidate choose to contest their party’s nominee from these state conventions. This year, with so much interest in the November presidential election, the registrars are predicting at least one race will be contested in August for both parties. The town delegates chosen in the March caucus to attend the May conventions can be committed to a particular candidate, or can be unaffiliated. To participate and vote in the March caucuses, you need to be a party member. Unaffiliated and unregistered voters can register with a party by noon the day before the caucus to be eligible to participate. (Switching parties requires a 90-day waiting period before attaining party privilege.) The caucus must be held between March 24 and 31, inclusive. Legal notices will be printed in local newspapers a minimum of five days before these meetings. On the ballot in November will be seats for the U.S. House, 62nd Representative, State Senate (7th for District 1 and 8th for District 2) and Registrar of Voters. As of Jan. 2, the Secretary of State is issuing nominating petitions for any minor party or unaffiliated candidates to petition for a slot on the Nov. 3, ballot. The delegates to attend the national conventions to choose a presidential candidate are selected in the presidential preference primary held on Tuesday, April 28.