Drummer volunteers eschew the printed word and deadlines for a night of comraderie and pizza

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Photo by Deb Kulwich and Rita Isaacson

From l. Frank Moon, Sam Mikus, Flo Bischoff, Becky Mikus, Kathy Norris and Karen Cleary

At the gathering, Kathy Norris, chair of Citizens for a Better Granby, the publisher of the Granby Drummer, outlined the board’s accomplishments in 2019. Managing Editor Rita Isaacson thanked and praised the volunteers for their continued commitment to assuring that each issue has quality and timely news.

Ralph Eustis and Rick Rathey.
From l. Tom Wutka, John Ward, Jim Lofink. Ginny Wutka and Carol Laun and Dave Laun (back to the camera).
From l. Carol Bressor, Lew Noble, Amanda Lindberg, Susan Regan, Bill Regan, Faith Tyldsley and Patty Kovaleski